My Journey to Microsoft and Dynamics 365

My journey into the IT world began as a lowly college grad who thought he was a hot shot programmer that ultimately began to learn what he didn’t know. My mentors have guided me and shown me a path which I have followed to this day. I learned how to learn and to work hard at what I do. This is what eventually lead me to Microsoft.

In 2010 I was a .NET software consultant and I came to realize I needed to do something specific to be special. If you look at the medical field specialists rule when it comes to compensation. Brain surgeon in the US for example, make upwards of 7 times more then general practice doctors. Why? When people know they need a brain surgeon they want a brain surgeon and even 50 general practice doctors won’t cut it. I too wanted to be the brain surgeon, but I needed to find my niche technology. I found it with Microsoft Dynamics.

Once I decided to pursue Dynamics I didn’t hold back. I researched and read everything I could get my hands on about the platform and related topics. This was my obsession and I wasn’t going to stop until I was an expert. Eventually my dedication paid off and I was picked up by Microsoft. Since then I’ve only grown in new ways and reached a level to where I was now leading enterprise projects and teams of developers to build systems that could support ten’s of thousands of users.

During my time at Microsoft I started training customer employees and partner consultants on the platform in order to raise their skill levels closer to mine.  I also joined the interviewing team and screened candidates who also wanted to join Microsoft as I had. The biggest problem we had was 95% of the candidates we interviewed didn’t make the cut and it was frustrating that we had more work than consultants to assign. It then dawned on me that part of the reason we had a lack of qualified candidates was the lack of organized training material around the platform. Instead of asking people to rely on blogs and documentation that only referred product features and not practical application we needed more. I realized that I needed to join the partner channel and create something that never existed and in the process help people not only advance their careers, but pass the Microsoft interviews. This is my mission and I hope you will be better for it. So let’s get started and do this.


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