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Podcast Episode 6 – Introduction to Data Integration Patterns

In this episode of the Dynamics Mechanics podcast, we discuss data integration strategies and considerations when building Dynamics 365 systems. Integration is a very significant topic when it comes to more complex and intricate systems that require interaction with other corporate systems. When we migrate and deploy systems to cloud environments we must take even more care as the consequences of poor decisions become more severe.

Dynamics 365 CRM: Why You Should Say No To FetchXML In Your Codebase

FetchXML is a style of late bound queries that provides a similar experience to using SQL in an application. The convenience of it lends itself to being used in your code base. Developers will often copy and past FetchXML into their methods from blog posts online or even examples out of the Dynamics CRM SDK. The challenge is that the convenience of FetchXML comes at a cost that is not only insidious, but I consider a form of hidden technical debt in Dynamics code bases.