Whether you’re in the process of implementing Microsoft Dynamics or currently operating a Microsoft Dynamics solution, it’s likely that the standard software configuration must be tailored to meet your unique and evolving business requirements. The benefit of building your business system on the Microsoft platform is that you get to take advantage of the work Microsoft has already invested so you can focus on creating business value faster.

As the size and complexity of your project needs increase so does the expertise required to ensure that your business system is not only designed well but will be easily upgradable, performant and cloud-ready. Most customers and consulting partners outside of Microsoft don’t have the necessary resources with the technical skill sets to handle advanced architecture strategies that ensure you’ll realize the full value of your software investment. Software quality is the #1 cause of challenges customers face after deploying a system to users. If software quality isn’t attended to during initial project phases it will cost exponentially more time and money to correct after the fact.  Whether you’ve decided to build your system using in-house employee resources or outsourcing the work to a Microsoft partner you need a way to have confidence that your expectations will be met after your system has been deployed.

You might routinely ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is our system designed in such a way that we will get the business value we expect?
  • Will critical aspects of our implementation perform well after deployment?
  • What aspects of our implementation pose a risk and how can we mitigate them?
  • How can we be confident in the quality of work being performed?
  • How well does our development team demonstrate the mastery of the established Microsoft Dynamics coding standards and patterns?

The Project Delivery Assurance offering is designed to help you:

  • Proactively expose and mitigate project risks
  • Ensure adherence to quality design principles, software standards, and best practices
  • Minimize supportability and performance risks
  • Identify your development team’s training and mentorship opportunities

What We Do

Dynamics Mechanics provides confidence to business/IT stakeholders and executive leadership that their software investments are protected via project oversight, architectural design guidance and expert review of work performed. We take the complexity out of the software development so business stakeholders can understand and make proactive informed decisions before project timelines and budgets have been depleted. No manager wants to go back to their leadership requesting more budget funding for their project because they couldn’t deliver what was promised. The statistics on the rate of software project failure are extreme, but the fact is the majority of the failed projects could have been saved with even a small amount of strategic guidance.

The value we offer customers comes via 3 strategic oversight initiatives:

  • Architectural Oversight and Guidance
  • System Performance Evaluation and Remediation
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Customer Development Advisory

Architectural Oversight and Guidance

Professional and experienced architectural oversight is an area of expertise you will find at Dynamics Mechanics that is often not available elsewhere. The majority of enterprise architecture knowledge remains within the walls of Microsoft and you’ll often either need to have a significant enterprise contract in the works or pay a premium for Microsoft consulting services to assist your efforts. It doesn’t matter how talented a development team is if they’re building your system with a design that will fail.

We deliver these architectural expertise as follows:

  • Reviews based on extensive architectural industry knowledge
  • Experienced assessment of plans and designs
  • Maintaining architectural integrity by comparing plans to technical design guidelines

System Performance Evaluation and Remediation

It doesn’t matter if you’ve built the perfect system if no one can use it. System performance is an often-neglected topic during software projects that tend to come up after a performance event has already occurred. While most systems will initially run well all systems degrade over time. While most customers simply take for granted that their system will perform it’s a risk that often takes months of usage before the symptoms become noticeable to users. The key factor in ensuring system performance is making sure it was designed to handle anticipated loads. These loads are unique to your customized system, business automation, integrations and the usage patterns of your business users.

The other aspect that software teams rarely address when it comes to system performance is the efficiency of the system database. Software teams often don’t have any knowledge of how to optimize the system database which is the main engine behind any Dynamics systems. We will help profile your system so both from the front-end architecture and the database so we can anticipate and mitigate potential business downtown events before they happen.

Software Quality Assurance

Software code quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of software systems and often what is sacrificed when project deadlines are looming. While business stakeholders may see the end result of work via demonstrations only the developers know what short cuts were taken to meet deadlines. We conduct in-depth code reviews during project development to ensure the quality of software meets best practices and quality standards for business-critical systems. We inspect your architecture and code for adherence to best practices and development rules that are specific to customizing Microsoft Dynamics.

After each analysis, we walk you through reports that can be used for strategic planning purposes, code development details to aid in tactical remediation efforts and establishing standards moving forward.

What We Review

  • Microsoft Dynamics plug-ins and custom workflow activities
  • Microsoft Dynamics web resources (HTML and JavaScript)
  • Integrated (Microsoft .NET Framework or web) applications:

Customer Development Advisory

For Microsoft customers that either want to develop systems in-house with their own teams or want their teams to be ready for a project hand-off from a consulting partner we offer our development advisory service. While hiring a consulting partner may be worthwhile it’s often the case that customers already have a capable team of software developers to perform the work. This can provide significant cost savings overpaying a team of consultants to come in and then hand off their months of effort to an inexperienced software team. Along with architectural oversight, our advisory service allows customers to get up to speed with an internal team while not having to learn what not to do the hard way.

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