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MacGyver Skills: The Software Project Survival Strategy for Technical Leads

If you don’t happen to know about the American TV show back in the 80’s staring Richard Dean Anderson called MacGyver it’s about a guy who creates unconventional solution to problems on the fly. Consulting software projects often contain surprise challenges that come up during implementation that were not foreseen in advance. Depending on how significant these challenges are it could mean the difference between success and failure. Having the ability to create solutions around unexpected situations and hurdles is one of the most valuable skills you can have a technical lead.

Podcast Episode 7 – Understanding the Instant Dynamics Developer Fallacy

In this episode of the Dynamics Mechanics podcast, we discuss the challenges faced by customers who try to build a greenfield Dynamics 365 business application with in-house developers without guidance or direction from an experienced consulting partner or individual. While there is development involved when building complex systems there is a learning curve that must be taken into consideration. Project teams that attempt to learn the Dynamics platform and meet project deadlines tend to get their experience at the customer’s expense.

Podcast Episode 6 – Introduction to Data Integration Patterns

In this episode of the Dynamics Mechanics podcast, we discuss data integration strategies and considerations when building Dynamics 365 systems. Integration is a very significant topic when it comes to more complex and intricate systems that require interaction with other corporate systems. When we migrate and deploy systems to cloud environments we must take even more care as the consequences of poor decisions become more severe.